Henrik Magnusson

Henrik has wide experience from the telecom and data communication business area. A common technology from some of his projects has been the transfer of real-time traffic in mission critical IP-based networks, i.e., voice and video.
Henrik likes to work with complex system at a high system level and to create structure and visibility in his work, to achieve effectiveness and is quick to familiarize him with new assignments and realize them to 100%. Henrik is eager to take responsibility in projects and is a strong force in projects. He is a typical “finisher” which often suits projects with a limited time schedule.
Typical characteristics of Henrik are: target-focused, strong initiator, dedicated enthusiasm, engagement and liability.
In his private time the main focus is his family, wife and two sons, nine and four years old. The house and garden takes up most of the spare time, but of course his friends get their share as well. Interests apart from his job are: music, movies, cooking and spending time in the countryside walking, running or riding his bike.

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